Regain Nokia Phone C: Memory Back

How To To Regain Back Nokia Phone C: Memory

I have read a lot of complain from nokia phone users that their phone C: memory keep going down. So today i write this blog to help nokia phone users how to regain their C: memory back. So far my nokia n8 with belle refresh still have a 64.5 mb left and i still manage to maintain this memory amount since i updated my phone to belle refresh till now.For your info,my n8 belle refresh also installed with microsoft app that a lot users complain that this app take a way their precious memory. Below i provide the list of apps or files that you can uninstall safely without affecting your phone performance unless you need to use that particular apps. Please be noted some of this apps can only be deleted with netqin antivirus ‘”pro” version. So do subscribe to the antivirus.

Apps :


-guides (if you dont use “guides” app in nokia map)

-nokia store installer

-adobe reader (Delete this will cause pdf. extension not recognisable.)

-ovi music

-check in (if you don’t use “check in” app in nokia map)

-check in widget (if you don’t use “check in” app in nokia map )

-check in agent (if you don’t use “check in” app in nokia map)

-nokia transport

-in app purchase API (if you dont’ want to use app in app purchasing)

-microsoft lync


-nokia maps smart installer

-nokia map suite 2.0

-nokia drop (service no longer available) (added on 16/3/2014)


Files : 

All tmp,temp and cache folders in C memory. All this files can only be view with “y browser” or other files explorer apps. Be noted that delete wrong files could cause unknown effect on phone performance so only delete what you know and “DO IT AT YOUR OWN RISK”

There are still some apps that can be deleted like other microsoft app that i don’t listed here because i still using them but i think it should be safe to delete.  All the app listed above are already deleted from my n8. The list will continue be update if there is anything new. Feel free to comment below.



Click this link to download. Inside the app there is an option to upgrade to premium version





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  • chandrasekkhar

    Sir, Unable to remove OVI store from already installed app list. by long pressing. Getting message as “Removing Cancelled”. Long back Netqin antivirus was uninstalled from my mobile. The link u have given in traxx about Netqin still works or otherwise.

    • traxxmy

      Just click the link in “Download Netqin Antivirus”. I already restore the link in my new site.

  • chandrasekkhar

    Sir, Hello… Using Nokia N8 mobile and I”m ur old subscriber. Followed yr guidelines and removed lot of useless content from my mobile. In fact, I learned a lot from your directions and advises. My question is…. Can I remove OVI and OVI store??? so as to get more space. I download any app if required from Opera Store through any Browser.

    • traxxmy

      Nice to see you here chandra 😀
      Go ahead and delete the OVI store because Nokia Store no longer working. As for OVI, what you mean by that?. Anyway there is an alternative to Nokia Store than just Opera Store which is Applist app store .The good about applist is it also inform you if there is an update like Ovi Store unlike Opera Store which you won’t know if there is a new update.

      • chandrasekkhar

        Sir, Thank u. OVI-1mb.,OVI STORE-3mb , this was available in Sett>Installations>already installed apps list. pl cfm both can be removed (OVI & OVI store)?

        • traxxmy

          I cannot be sure because i never delete this files yet as i want to keep Nokia Store app for nostalgia. You can delete OVI STORE if you really don’t want to use or open Nokia Store anymore which is useless now. As for OVI, i think this have connection with Nokia Suite. I think you better keep it as you might someday need to use Nokia Suite and this delete this might cause issue. It just 1mb only.

          • chandrasekkhar

            Sir, thanx for prompt reply. Removed ovi store & retained Ovi. Installed netqin via your link but through Nokia suite. Netqin is charging ₹50 for a month( premium) & 20 for non premium for antivirus update . Earlier as u said that main purpose is to utilise Optimisation & for deleting apps which no longer required. But what about anti virus update? Shall I leave it without updating? & Use for said purpose only..

            • traxxmy

              The anti virus is now useless as i’m sure netqin no longer maintain the anti virus. You can just use the app for memory optimisation and deleting system app or just to keep to track of your data.

              Just use the app as it is and don’t bother to pay as it just a waste for no longer active app.

              • chandrasekkhar

                Sir, Hi! OK. For optimisation & deleting of apps,I think upgrading to premium version is not required. But, u advised to upgrade to pro version for said purpose. will u pl. clarify.

                • traxxmy

                  There is no need to upgrade to premium version. Just use the current netqin app i provide. No need to upgrade,

                  • chandrasekkhar

                    OK Sir. I follow. New Traxx Site is very nice. More effective to browse in smart mobiles.

                  • chandrasekkhar

                    Hello Sir, Using Netqin app only for optimisation purpose. Happy that its saving lot of battery consumption. Thank u. Here I have a doubt that Options like Virus scan settings Firewall, privacy protection etc, is there any need to un-check the boxes as we do no update anti virus?

                    • traxxmy

                      Though those feature likely be useless now but there is no harm leaving those tick and enable it. The only still useful feature i see is just the optimisation and network monitor which monitor your internet bandwidth usage.

                    • chandrasekkhar

                      Noted sir. Than Q

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