Warranty TnC

All completed job comes with 2 year workmanship. This limited warranty applies to any workmanship and only for workmanship for job done with invoice from Traxxmy Technologies M&E Enterprise. The warranty TnC will be update from time to time due products changes and developements and any latest update will prevail over previous TnC.

Limited Warranty Coverage

This limited warranty covers any defect in workmanship excluding material under normal use during warranty period. During the warranty period, Traxxmy Technologies M&E Enterprise will fix the issue that proves defective because of improper workmanship under normal use

Products Warranty

Supplied products warranty is subject to product manufacurer warranty terms and condition
+ In event of failure due to products defect, a process will be initiated to help start claim from. There might be separate charges/fees for any work dismantling products to be send for warranty claim and reinstall repaired/replace products. The charges/fees might be waive depend on goodwill gesture and situations.

Limited Warranty Coverage Not Covered/Void

This limited warranty does not cover any problem that is caused by :
+ Problem not resulting from workmanship
+ Material used in the job. All material does not come with any warranty unless stated
+ Material supply by owner
+ Damage or problem cause by external factor such as weather, damage to conceal pipe due to hit by nail etc
+ Product/material limitation such as owner install indoor type fluorescent light for outdoor use, improper product IP rating usage
+ Warranty status explicitly stated in invoice

What You Need To Do

Keep all the invoice and contact us for us to determine the problem. Warranty request without invoice is subject to good will and situation